Franchise management is our specialty.
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With over 1,000 franchised brands, the Philippines is recognized as Asia’s franchise hub. Because of this, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has been promoting franchising to OFWs. Unfortunately, there are only a few competent franchise management companies out there.


In the Philippines, the franchising industry is quite competitive, as shown by the emergence of companies such as JFC, Max’s Group, and Bistro Group, to name a few. This, combined with the cost of franchising and the institution of sustainable organizational structures to handle franchise management companies, has made it difficult for many to pursue or manage a franchise.

The CBMC Solutions

At CBMC, we provide franchise management services that allow us to help execute and handle successful franchise businesses. With our skills and years of experience, we guarantee the stability of every business we manage. The franchises we are affiliated with gain customers, develop trust, and create more revenue through our competencies in different industries.

Our franchise management services include:

  • Franchise Training for Franchisors and Franchisees
  • Franchise Operations Management
  • Periodic Audit of Compliance

Have any questions about our franchise management services? Please feel free to contact us.